Welcome to Historic Boyertown! Few know that we are the oldest town in the region—dating from 1601—more than 75 years before William Penn arrived in America! Also, few know that Boyertown is the gateway to one of the most historic regions in the United States, where the iron industry in America was born in 1718, and an area that George Washington frequented when he needed arms for the American Revolution. 

Before moving on to learn these fascinating stories, you’ll find first class historic attractions, shops, and restaurants that will catch your eye, right in town. The restored Colebrookdale Railroad takes you back to the 1920s. The Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles displays original carriages built right in Boyertown. The artists at Taylor Backes produce spectacular glass creations. The sparkling dancing trees at Dancing Tree Creations, are complemented b the work of 200 other local, regional and national artists. While in town, you can also taste great local cuisine produced by loving hands and timeless traditions.

In Person Introduction: Begin your adventure with an intriguing 30 minute in-person introduction to Historic Boyertown.  Select from conference seating, walking tour, or other option that best suits your group. 

Colebrookdale Railroad – The Secret Valley Line

Experience the fully restored 1920s railroad that connects visitors to the history, beauty, geology, and nature, of one of the most beautiful, unspoiled valleys in America. You’ll learn the story of the Secret Valley Line, traveling through the timeless landscape that looks much like it did when the first iron-willed, ironmasters ventured to the Boyertown area to build their lives and fortunes in a region where iron ore lay right under the surface of the ground. 


Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles

Too young to remember the original roadside diners and Sunoco gas stations that dotted the American roadside? See these, along with buggies, carriages, wagons, trolleys, and truck bodies manufactured in Boyertown, first at the 1872 Jeremiah Sweinhart Carriage Factory and later at the Boyertown Body Works, now both part of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles.  Guided or self-guided tours are available and can be complemented with a special event.  

Taylor Backes

Learn to blow glass, or watch breathlessly while the artists at Taylor Backes create exquisite pieces of art glass in a unique studio dedicated  to the creation of fine, functional, architectural, and sculptural designs. While they are working the molten glass, and you are admiring the results, you will be learning about the world of glass, and the many ways to tap its creative potential. Both demonstrations and classes are available. 

Dancing Tree Creations – Artisan’s Gallery & Studio

To create a sh0p that is an absolute visual bonanza, Dancing Tree’s creators took early retirement to bring together one of a kind works from more than 200 local, regional and national artists, along with Lyn’s “Dancing Trees.” They want visitors to know who created the work, and how it was made to make a special connection every time a piece is viewed, worn or used. A studio is available for demonstrations, art talks and classes. 

Manatawny Creek Winery

Manatawny is a Native American term meaning “where we meet to drink,” and you certainly can do this as you experience this lovely family run winery on the banks of Manatawny Creek. The Levengood family has been making wine for nearly 20 years, growing about half of the grapes they need to produce about 5,000 cases of wine each year, which have become a mainstay of several local restaurants. Taste the wines in their tasting room, and enjoy a 30 minute to an hour tours of the cellar, which you can see from the tasting room, where fermenting, storage, bottling and wine production takes place.

Historic State Theatre

Enjoy learning more about Historic Boyertown in a presentation featuring the past of our quaint town, in Boyertown’s now restored 1912 Lyric Theater. Built to show silent movies when tickets cost ten cents for adults and five cents for children and live theater, the Spanish Colonial interior has been completely restored to take you back to that era, with modern comforts. The presentation can be complemented with a special event. 

Farm to Table Luncheon

Savor a farm to table luncheon in one of Boyertown’s historic venues. Satisfy everyone in your group, including those with dietary restrictions, and those who love traditional American favorites, with a combination of cuisines, delivered by local chefs from The Firefly Café, offering the best in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and CDs Place Catering and Eatery, featuring the best in traditional American food. 

The Peppermint Stick Candy Store

Return to the past in a candy store that features sweets from a simpler time, featuring root beer barrels, penny candy, caramels, local ice cream and 15 varieties of mix and match candy. These goodies coexist peacefully with today’s milk, dark, and white chocolate favorites, mixed with peanut butter and chocolate for chocaholics, and awesome truffles, sophisticated, yet simple, all at the same time. Enjoy a speciality milkshake (the best in Boyertown!) or epic ice cream float made with A-Treat sodas on your trip home!

For more information, and to set up a tour of Historic Boyertown for your group contact:

Maree Forbes, Tourism Director, 484-415-7236 or maree.forbes@nationaltravelcenter.org