Company: Joanna Furnace
Address: 1250 Furnace Road, Geigertown, PA
Phone: 610-286-0388


Tour Joanna Furnace, another iron plantation owned by the Potts and Rutter families, established in 1791 in the semi-wilderness of Robeson Township. Unlike other furnaces in the region, Joanna was a cold blast, single stack charcoal iron furnace that was converted to steam power in the mid 1850’s. The operation was so successful that guttermen, potters, and fillers worked 12 hour shifts, around the clock including Christmas and New Year’s, tapping the molten iron twice daily. The woodcutters and colliers who made the charcoal to power the furnace worked 24 hours a day for nine months each year, with little sleep. The original furnace stack is still standing, along with a portion of the raceway, along with the blower/engine house, and the store/office building. The foundations of the charcoal storage building, the casting house, the blacksmith shop, the ironmasters mansion, and the barn illustrate where the remainder of the buildings were placed. You can observe living history presentations on various topics as you tour.

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