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As you make your way through Historic Boyertown, every so often, a huge, painted, fiberglass bear with a name like Bella, Jingles, Gilbert or Huggy, will catch your eye. “How did they get here,” you’ll ask. Initially, Studio B worked with a Boyertown High School art class (a bear is the high school mascot), producing 37 bears decorated by the students and sponsored by a local business, professional office, organization or individual. Over the years, the collection, originally inspired by the Chicago Cow Parade, has grown to nearly 75 bears, with some produced as far away as New Mexico. Taking the entire Bear Fever Walk will introduce you to our delightful, historic town. Along the way you can enjoy the unique Victorian architecture that lines the streets of downtown and stop in some of the unique shops that line Philadelphia Avenue.  Moving out from downtown, there are clusters of bears surrounding Boyertown High School, the Berks County line, and south on Reading Avenue. To celebrate Bear Fever, purchase a set of bear fever coasters and Bear Fever puzzles at Dancing Tree Creations or Studio B. Walking location only. 

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