Few know that one of America’s most famous artists, John James Audubon, made his home right outside of Historic Boyertown, while he was creating the 435 life size portraits of Birds in America. How he got here is another story!  Born in what is now Haiti, Audubon was the illegitimate son of a French plantation owner and his mistress. Early on, while living in France, he took a lively interest in birds, nature, drawing, and music. He was sent to America at 18 to escape conscription into Napoleon’s army to live on the family-owned Mill Grove, where he hunted, studied, and drew birds. Shortly after, he met and married neighbor Lucy Bakewell. Audubon conducted the first known bird-banding experiment in North America, tying strings around the legs of Eastern Phoebes, and learned that birds return to the same nesting sites each year.  Now totally restored, Mill Grove features works by Audubon as well as exhibits on his important work in birding.

Featured Image: Newly renovation John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove https://johnjames.audubon.org/