Looking for a beautiful, historic piece from Boyertown? Boyertown Antiques and Barn Fresh should be high on your shopping list!

Boyertown Antiques

Boyertown Antiques, filled with hundreds of sophisticated and high quality antiques was founded by the Malmberg family over 50 years ago. The collection is now housed in a converted historic barn and smaller barn, located in a beautiful countryside setting just outside Boyertown. The elder Malmberg’s son, who now owns the operation, started his career oiling, refinishing, and repairing fine furniture as a very young man. They specialize in selling only the finest quality antiques to collectors and dealers who specialize in fine clocks, traditional Pennsylvania furniture, and quality pieces from around the globe. If you’re looking for something particular, in all the wealth of antiques — it’s likely in there somewhere.

Barn Fresh

Those of us who grew up on farms are going to have a great time discovering treasures from that past that were once a part of rural households and farmhouses. Over 30 coop vendors have banded together to bring you items to grace your own kitchen, dining room or family room, with a touch of the past. In addition to antiques and collectibles, Barn Fresh also carries Caromal Colours Paints, Monahan Botanicals Collection, Stephanie Monahan’s Decoupage Wallpapers, and the Country Living Artisans Collection, to surround your new décor, along with Sallyeander Soaps, Indigo Bath and Body products, Mona B hand crafted canvas handbags, high quality Bluebird candles and J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary of tried and true natural remedies.