It was 1872 when J Sweinhart announced he was opening a factory in Boyertown to manufacture carriages, buggies, spring wagons and sleighs. He never imagined that the factory, complete with a blacksmith shop, would evolve into the Boyertown Auto Body Works. Cars and trucks had not been invented yet. The expanded factory ultimately came to manufacture both car and truck bodies, much of the production used in World War II, and continued until 1990. With much foresight by the original factory owners, both buildings are now part of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. Mr. Sweinhart’s original carriages, horse drawn vehicles, wagons and sleighs are on display, along with the original blacksmith forge, high wheeler and safety bicycles, and trolleys. The rest of the museum is filled with original Boyertown manufactured commercial car and truck bodies, and other immaculately restored automobiles manufactured in the area. There’s even a 1921 Sunoco gas station and 1938 restored Fegely’s Diner, which once stood in nearby Reading. Give yourself plenty of time to explore the whole collection, including the original carriage manufacturing and blacksmith shop upstairs.

While you’re in town, visit the Peppermint Candy Stick Store, our local neighborhood candy store that features candy from simpler times; sweets that hail from the same era as the vintage treasures and antique items you’ll find in other stops along the Vintage, Heirloom and Antiques Trail. Try some root beer barrels, caramels, horehounds, local ice cream and 15 varieties of mix and match candy. Or munch on scrumptious, milk, dark, and white chocolate favorites, some mixed with peanut butter and others smothered in caramel.