Are you searching for something unique, beautiful and different? Swamp Door Antiques & Curiosities and Homestead and Antiques should be the first places you go!

Homestead Antiques

If you’re looking for expertise in the antique, vintage and collectibles world, you’ve come to the right place. Evelyn Ludy, owner of Homestead Antiques, has 35 years of experience in dealing with antique pieces and primitives. Some visitors believe this to be the “best antique and collectible shop in the area where the Proprietor is extremely helpful and friendly.” Another couple says, “We drive from New Jersey to shop here.”

Yet, you have to stop into the shop to get the benefit of Evelyn’s expertise. She doesn’t have an email address or a computer for that matter. Instead, she prefers to concentrate on featuring delightful pieces, especially at the holiday season, when Homestead’s popcorn and cranberry garlands with pine cones have become a local favorite.

Swamp Door Antiques and Curiosities

Imagine a whole world in a store, chock full of cool, chic, fun, nostalgic, patriotic, exotic, fantastical, and fabulous. More than 50 vendors exhibit at the Swamp Door Antiques and Curiosities, organized into 5,500 square feet of space. Rather than just a quick in and out, plan to spend time browsing. They’re OK with visitors just enjoying their time without the pressure of buying. Frequent customers say that if you look long enough at Swamp Door Antiques and Curiosities, you can discover almost anything you’ve thought about buying. It’s a great place for children to learn about things that were used decades or even a century ago, to understand how much life has changed. A history lesson in the making!