Every so often as you make your way through Historic Boyertown, a huge painted ceramic bear pops up, and then another, and another! Then, you begin to discover there are bears all over town – lots of them. Bears that are sitting, bears that are standing, bears dressed like a doctor and Abraham Lincoln with names like Jingles, Bella, Gilbert and Huggy. Where, you ask, did all the bears come from? And why are they here?

Thank a retired English teacher from Boyertown Area Senior High, where the mascot is a bear. Inspired by the Cow Parade in Chicago and donkeys and elephants spread through Washington DC, she came up with the idea that the entire community could participate in an art project to build community spirit. Now, 71 bears later, the program has been joined by artists from as far away as New Mexico who decorate the bears sponsored by local businesses. The Bear Fever Art Walk takes you through town past every bear and past the other unique art locations in Historic Boyertown. Click here to download and print your Bear Fever Art Walk map and follow the bears! Be sure to visit Historic Boyertown’s extraordinary art locations along the way: Taylor Backes Glassworks, Studio B and Dancing Tree Creations– where you can purchase a set of bear fever coasters before you leave town.