There’s an unassuming old warehouse tucked away on a side street in Historic Boyertown, across the street from the Colebrookdale Railroad and down the street from Brakeman’s Café. But never judge a book by its cover! Inside, you’ll find some of the most beautiful hand blown glass in the world, and even better, you can watch it being made. Some say this is Historic Boyertown’s best kept secret. Yet, in reality, Taylor Backes welcomes visitors from around the world who enjoy the gorgeous results of glassblowing using both immense creativity and meticulous attention to detail. Says one customer, “You can go a lot of places and find some nice hand blown glass pieces. The difference here is everything is beautiful and as perfect as something handmade can be.” Says another regular customer, “we got our first piece of glass back in the early 1980s and are still buying the fantastic pieces of art.” Taylor Backes hold regular glass blowing demonstrations, so you can see just how hot, molten liquid sand is transformed into the beautiful and the useful. Glass extraordinaire indeed! Don’t miss it while you’re in town.