Centuries old historic places usually boast the very best antiques and heirlooms, with many of the treasures coming from surrounding historic homesteads. When the original settlers arrived in Colebrookdale (the township where Historic Boyertown was established) over 300 years ago, they began architectural and decorative arts traditions that have lasted through the centuries. Pieces from that era all the way to the present day pop up at the many antique and vintage shops in our area. Great hunting for special treasures in our area is a journey that will take you through the beautiful rolling countryside surrounding Boyertown. Yet the trip begins at the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, which started as a carriage and sleigh factory in 1872. The Boyertown Auto Body Works ultimately evolved into a manufacturer of some of the earliest cars in the United States — real vintage treasures in their own right. You can also fuel up on goodies at the Peppermint Candy Stick Store. The loop route we’ve mapped out takes you to 10 retail locations, ranging from quaint, collectible treasures to spectacular collections of antiques and art. At the end of the trip, hop on the Colebrookdale Railroad, one of the best vintage treasures in Historic Boyertown. Make the trip most by booking a room at the Twin Turrets Inn, to spend an evening in Victorian style, and dine in one of our local restaurants