The baked goodies at Simply Sherry Bakery are not just baked goods, they’re more like dramatic artistry in buttercream frosting. Even though she is extremely talented in the kitchen, Sherry was not always a baker. She worked in finance in Philadelphia Convention Center but spent time with the chefs to learn their craft. She’s now fulfilling a lifelong dream to follow in the footsteps of her grandparents who owned a bakery in Boyertown in the early 1900s. She delights the town with gender reveal cakes, Cinderella cakes, wedding cakes, coupled with traditional Pennsylvania Dutch treats. When you visit Historic Boyertown, bring along your idea for a custom cake to have Sherry create your own “slice of heaven.” Right next door, Weidner’s Deli features Pennsylvania’s own Genuine Jerky and other regional traditional goodies, including sweet bag bologna, beef sticks, garlic jerky, ring bologna, longhorn cheese, pickles, hot dogs, Clearfield American cheese, Buffalo Wing cheese, Stoltzfus smoked ham, country scrapple, double smoked bacon, sauerkraut, Kielbasa sticks, Dietz Nuts meat sticks, BBQ, muenster cheese, Cooper sharp cheese, Pepperoni sticks. If you find something you particularly love, they fan can pack and ship for you to send to family and friends.