Calling all Foodies!  Visit Historic Boyertown. Enjoy the traditional foods you would expect to find in a historic town. Or, dine on unique offerings found nowhere else. The food scene is so hot here that three new restaurants have opened in September!! Brakeman’s Café located right across from the Colebrookdale Railroad, offers great breakfast goodies and up to the minute fare.  The Barrel and Ale puts a contemporary twist on traditional favorites.  As you would expect in a Southeastern Pennsylvania town, we have our share on pizza restaurants, Mario’s and Carmelo’s for starters; diners, CD’s Place and the Grill Shop; and sandwich offerings, including Talarico’s and the Jukebox Café. You can get traditional Inn food at the Greshville Inn and Yellow House Hotel. Union Jack’s on the Mawnatawny and the Union House, have both notched the traditional menu up a bit. 

On the completely other end of the spectrum, Gracie’s 21st Century Café, Lily’s and the Landis Store Hotel offer world class cuisine, complemented by a good wine list. The Tiki Bar lets you cook your own seafood fare. Every time you visit Historic Boyertown, arrive hungry and treat your taste buds to our wide of array of cuisine, one by one.