When you arrive in Historic Boyertown, stand at the intersection of Philadelphia and Reading Avenues, at the center of town, and look up. See the crisply painted trim at the top of the buildings – that’s Victorian detailing. Further down the block, see the rounded turrets on the Twin Turrets Inn, that’s high Victorian style. Turn the corner to the 100 block of North Reading, and turrets line the street. Many of Historic Boyertown’s core buildings were built at the height of the Victorian era, which lasted from 1837 to 1914. Through the Victorian years, the merchants and residents of Boyertown built and built, resulting in the lovely, well preserved town you see today. The continuing efforts of Building a Better Boyertown to help building owners restore and repair these precious buildings will ensure that the architectural character of Boyertown does not disappear, instead is preserved for many future generations to enjoy.

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